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The term psychologist and therapist area unit usually used interchangeably and their main aim is to produce therapy to the individuals and to treat them. individuals confer with these professionals to induce eliminate emotional and physical trauma or for counselling. However, if you wish to bear any medical care, it's necessary that you just perceive the essential distinction between a psychologist and therapist.

When we have a tendency to name therapists we cowl all the trained professionals who will give with therapies and might treat individuals. It covers completely different professionals like counselors, social staff, psychoanalysts, marriage counselors etc. Psychologists also are coated below this class however confer with the scientist who studies mental processes and man's behavior whereas alternative skilled is also dealing with alternative aspects associated with masses. therefore we can say that every one psychologists are therapists however all therapists don't seem to be psychologists.

So once you want a counselor then you'll confer with a expert directory which might assist you comprehend the various professionals. Touch with marriage counselors, consultants, shrink and alternative trained professionals for your marriage and relationship problems.
Behavioral Psychologist

Behavioral psychologists square measure those that undertake thorough analysis with reference to the human mind and study completely different factors that trigger different styles of behavior in a very person. The aim of behavioral psychology is to assist individuals hoist themselves out of the disorders and issues of the mind that's clogging them from leading a pleasing life.

What will a behavioral Psychologist Do?
A behavioral psychologist observes, studies and analyzes the various sorts of human behavior and finds out the various reasons that trigger such behavior. Today, we have a tendency to hear regarding legion personality disorders, feeding disorders like eating disorder, orthorexia, etc. behavior disorders, obsessional thinking disorders and schizophrenia, etc. of these disorders have one factor in common, that is that they're all triggered attributable to the predominance of bound unhealthy or negative thoughts within the brain. The psychologist studies the outlook of such individuals, by making an attempt to enter their minds and understanding the pattern of their thought whirlpool. the work description would be to pay attention to people's issues and facilitate them hoist themselves out of the pit of depression, self pity and self condemnation to an area of authority.

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marriage relationship problems
The divorce quantitative relation straight away is 1:2. that's implausibly ridiculous. sadly, identical quantitative relation goes for Christian couples, which might be found as quite unhappy considering Christians area unit purported to be the instance. Yes, there area unit legit reasons to why a handful ought to divorce, however WHO honestly needs to urge married then finish it in divorce? the solution isn't terribly several. What area unit some ways in which to assist improve your relationship together with your spouse? let's have a look at.

Through statistics, it's been found that a husband and spouse World Health Organization pray along stay for much longer with a quantitative relation of 1:1,025. that's method higher than 1:2. therefore women and gentleman, I recommend prayer be placed in your matrimonial life daily, whether or not it's before preparing for the day or right before bed at the hours of darkness. This praying along ought to be fully set except for the praying before meals. though it's completely extraordinary your family will that, this sort of praying doesn't bring out the trust, respect, love, honesty, and appreciation which will be brought from praying along in your personal time.

Another good thing to try and do is have a date night. If you have got youngsters, depart for an evening a minimum of once each time period and send them to grandparents or trusty friends for an evening or few. tho' attempt to have some alone time and watch a motion-picture show with alternative|one another} whereas the youngsters area unit asleep or demonstrate your love for every other a minimum of one or a handful times per week. kids area unit an oversized priority, however do not place them on top of your domestic partner. Your kids area unit within the home for a restricted time, however your domestic partner is there by your facet for the remainder of your life. If you do not have youngsters, then have a date night a minimum of once per week. Remember, having a date doesn't need going the house or pin money, simply enjoying being along and displaying in your own ways in which why you're therefore blessed to possess your domestic partner.

If time can not be found, you're possibly prioritizing one thing that ought to not go on top of your family however particularly your domestic partner. What during this world may probably be a lot of vital than your family? If you create all the money within the world however haven't any one to share It with, it isn't worthwhile. Your family can share love which will ne'er be received through material things. Yes, you'll need the ups and downs. there'll continuously be the professionals and also the cons, however is not florescence your relationship together with your domestic partner a lot of fun and fulfilling than look from a replacement 52 in. television? you would possibly wish to mention affirmative.

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solve your marriage problems
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You have to be told a way to stop your divorce - NOW!  For one reason or another, your wedding has gone downhill, and fast.  It's no marvel numerous marriages square measure having difficulties recently - the dwindling economy, the quick fashion we have a tendency to live, the strain of our jobs or job losses, simply name a number of. however there's hope! you'll be able to stop your divorce and save your marriage!

More than 50% of today's marriages find yourself in divorce.  Why? persistently, it's as a result of couples simply do not take the time to do and fix their marriage issues.  Sometimes, they do not even SEE that they need issues, till it's too late - in order that they suppose.

It's ne'er too late to prevent your divorce.  It took time for your wedding to urge this fashion, thus it's planning to take time for it to urge higher.  But, it'll get batter!

Not too in the past, direction was the sole thanks to get facilitate for a troubled wedding. though they will assist you, some times couples simply cannot afford marriage counseling expences!  And, for those who will afford it, most of the time just one better half can go. 

More and additional professional’s square measure seeing these issues, and square measure serving to troubled couples on-line, through on-line courses or ebooks (books which will be downloaded and skim online). 

These will each be utilized by couples or alone. once you need to prevent your divorce, generally all it takes is one person to avoid wasting your wedding. once you begin with one downside at a time, you'll have a stable and long wedding in no time!

Don't let one rocky half destroy your wedding - there's simply an excessive amount of at stake! it isn't too late! find out how to prevent your divorce NOW!

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resolve stress and anxiety with
Do you end up questioning a way to upset stress? you are positively not alone. we tend to all upset stress in our everyday lives, and for a few folks there's simply no avoiding it. the sole issue we will do is find out how to attenuate it by developing sensible cope skills. the subsequent square measure some ways in which to assist cut back your stress levels:

· follow positive self-talk daily. we tend to all refer to ourselves (sometimes aloud, however sometimes in our heads). certify you switch negative self-talk into positive. rather than oral communication "I hate it once this happens.", instead say one thing like "I shrewdness to upset this; I've done it before." follow positive self-statements like, "It are going to be OK." or "We all build mistakes."

· repeatedly things happen throughout our days that square measure nerve-wracking attributable to poor communication, an excessive amount of work and everyday busy schedules. There square measure several stuff you will do to be told a way to upset stress in several things, and generally you may ought to mix them. Count to a definite range before you speak. Take many deep breaths. leave for slightly whereas, and arrange to partitioning the problem later. choose a walk. Stop and "smell the flowers." Say "I'm sorry" if you create miscalculation. These could appear like very little things, however once you do them often, they're going to have a additive impact and assist you to create a wall of defense against the strain in your life.

· once life gets nerve-wracking, do one thing that you simply notice gratifying. browse an honest book, begin a hobby or art project, hear reposeful music, or watch a favourite motion picture, for example. generally distracting yourself from stress instead of habitation thereon will facilitate to attenuate its impact on you.

· follow daily relaxation. Take a minimum of 5-10 minutes daily and perform yoga, tai chi, or slow deep respiration. It's sensible to follow these relaxation strategies at the start or finish of your day. If you are not certain wherever to begin, think about connexion a category or try many strategies to seek out the one that is an honest appropriate you.

How to Treat Anxiety

If your stress has severely compact your life or prevents you from doing stuff you ordinarily would, then you will ought to pay a while learning a way to treat anxiety. Anxiety is associate degree uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or perhaps panic that happens once the strain in your life appears like it's just too a lot of to handle. questioning a way to treat anxiety effectively? attempt these strategies:

· maintain your traditional routine. Once you are attempting to work out a way to treat anxiety, it will feel overwhelming. you will end up staying home a lot of or avoiding traditional activities. this is often really the worst issue you'll do, albeit it should feel thus right! build a commitment to stay up your traditional routine and not let the anxiety cause depression additionally. Plus, staying management|on top of things|up to speed|up to the mark|au fait} of your life will assist you cut back anxiety over time instead of property it spiral out of control.

· follow mini-meditations. Anxiety features a method of locomotion informed US at surprising or inconvenient times. that is why it is important to follow mini-meditations that you simply will do anyplace, anytime. merely closing your eyes for 5 seconds and taking a deep breathe and out will have a transformative impact on your nerves. you'll additionally opt for a relaxing mantra to repeat quietly to yourself so as to provide a sense of calm.

Whether you expertise regular daily stress otherwise you suffer from mental disorder, you'll get pleasure from exploitation all or a number of the cope skills listed higher than. follow them many times each day, and that they square measure absolute to become life-enhancing habits over time.

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Stop wasting your time in praying to god for solving your marriage problems because now solution is absolutely in your hand. You can solve your marriage problems by your own by just following some simple steps and rules of marriage life. Visit any psychiatrist or reputed marriage counselors for getting the best ideas of maintaining a happy marriage life.

Complete Solution to Solve Your Daily Marriage Issues
Proper understanding maintenance with your partner
If you want to save your happy married life, then you need to maintain healthy understanding level with your soul mate. Fix up some scheduled time in a day so that you can share or exchange your entire day’s work experience and other activities. Before expressing your sentiments or feelings try to understand your partner’s feelings. Try to provide him good mental support in case he is depressed. Rather than quarrelling with each other try to solve each other’s problem by sharing effective solutions. Only healthy discussions can lead to a proper solution which not only help you to avoid unnecessary mess but also helps you to maintain peaceful environment.

Proper realization of the responsibilities
In order to maintain absolute peace, you need to sit with your partner for deciding your individual responsibilities towards your family and social life. You can sit and discuss in a cool mind and can list your social and family life responsibilities on the basis of mutual consent. On performing both of your respective duties and responsibilities sincerely, you can have no chaos peeping into your relationship. You also need to solve your children related issues with proper discussion. Do not unnecessarily expect too much from your partner, kindly give him enough space in order to maintain healthy married relationship.

Concentration on trust builds up
Trust might be a very small term but it has a great significance in a married life. The marriage experts also sometimes consider this term as the perfect synonym of love. Love is the foundation or backbone of each and every relationship in this world which gives birth to trust. This trust is very much important for maintaining the proper warmth of a relationship. This is one of the most beautiful gifts of god which occupies a special position in human heart. If you have enough trust on your own love then only your relationship with your partner will go a long way. Nowadays, most of the people are really very confused in between true love and sexual intimacy. But as a matter of fact, love is absolute compassion. You should always try to maintain proper trust among each other in order to save your married life

Proper maintenance of patience and understandability
You must always try to respect each other’s feelings, emotions and decisions. All individuals are not equal and their mental frequencies might not match with each other but it is your sole duty to keep proper patience and understand your partner’s problems. You must always encourage your partner in all his activities so that he can feel the warmth of your mental support. You uncooperative and impatient attitude might hurt his emotions and your marriage life can be badly affected by this. This is not only harmful for your married life but sometimes it also provides a very bad impact on your children’s life. Try to sacrifice your desires, needs and happiness for the sake of the happiness of your soul mate.

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About Author : Dr Kamal is the founder of THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE which is dedicated to provide people with skills for creating a positive and fulfilling life.  He have a good media presence to resolve relationship and marriage issues.

happiness in marriage life
If you want to fix up all your marriage problems then you need to follow some expert tips suggested by majority marriage counselors.

Addition of some zing
As per the advices of some classical marriage experts, if you want to hold healthy marriage relationship then you have to add some more flavors to your married life to make it more hot and spicy. You can follow various effective means for maintaining the same attraction effects between you and your partner even after several years of marriage life.

Avoiding unnecessary conflicts
Start sorting out the misunderstandings at an early stage for avoiding unnecessary chaos or conflicts. Try to maintain your anger and patience level by means of yoga practices for getting effective results in your marriage life. Even if your partner is shouting at you, keep your mind cool rather try to calm him down in a pleasant manner. Always admit your own faults and be a bit submissive for controlling the situation temporarily.

Choosing the right place and time
You must choose your words very carefully while delivering your thoughts and ideas to your partner. You always need to understand the place, time and situation and have to communicate accordingly. try to control your emotions and anger even you are in a very bad mood. Always try to give priority to his feelings, emotions and moods. You need to read and understand their needs very well in order to conduct activities as per their preferences.

Better understanding of emotions
You always need to understand their need and emotions. You will never do anything which can hurt their individual feelings and emotions. Try to give respect to their decisions and always avoid insult, criticism, bullying and blaming. If your partner does not like any particular discussion then do not argue and immediately stop or change the discussion. This is one of the most effective means of avoiding unnecessary mess.

Showing love, respect and care
If you want to fix up your marriage and want to stretch it for a longer period then you need to show proper love, respect and care towards your soul mates. You can list their likings and can act accordingly for making them feel the warmth of your love and affection. Try to maintain a proper balance of your boredom, everyday irritations and frustrations. Try to follow the path of forgiveness as this is one of the most powerful weapons of fixing up successful marriages. Make your spouse feel that he is the most prior thing of your life and you are ready to do anything and everything for his happiness.

Maintenance of healthy sexual life
Though sex is not everything in a married life but it is one of the most essential aspects of a happy married life. One of the easiest ways of making your spouse happy is to make him satisfied sexually. As per the marriage experts, proper sexual intimacy can keep apart most of the married life problems. Only a happy and pleasure filled sexual interaction between the married couples can make them free from all kinds of social, family or professional stress and provides them utmost relaxation. 

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How To Strengthen Your Relationship marriage
Before going ahead with anything in life, wait and think which the most important thing in your life is. If you want to strengthen any relationship of your life, then you also need to sacrifice your happiness for your loved ones. Nowadays, maximum psychiatrists or councilors suggest people about this solution. There are 7 main techniques which are quite useful in strengthening your relationship with your loved ones.

Sharing of love and happiness
There is a very traditional say that if you share your happiness that will increase and if you share somebody’s sorrow that will automatically decrease. In each and every relationship, this is one of the most vital things which should be essentially followed by all without any fail. If you truly love somebody, then you should have the spirit to do anything and everything for your lovable one.

Application of the powerful tool of forgiveness
Forgiveness in one of the strongest tool for strengthening any relationship of your life as it is much more powerful than anger. This is one of kind of art of human nature of showing respect to any intimate or love relationship. You always need to remember that nobody is absolutely perfect in this world and mistakes are a part of life. You can hate the mistake but never hate the wrongdoer.

Maintenance of effective communication
Only effective communication can lead to a healthy relationship. You should never say anything to your loved ones which might heart their emotions. You need to select your words very carefully before communicating with your loved ones. You need to suppress your anger and emotions in order to make them happy. 

Maintenance of flexibility in relationship
You must always maintain proper flexibility and transparency in your relationship with your loved ones. You should share all your feelings, secrets and emotions with them in order to make them comfortable. You will always try to solve all those problems which are highly bothering for them. You will always make 100% personal level efforts to solve all the misunderstandings between you and your loved ones.

Creation of fun environment
Life is absolutely wastage without fun and entertainment and you need to take personal initiative to make your loved ones always happy and entertained. You will never do anything that might hurt them rather you will take care of all their liking and disliking. You can apply different entertainment means or tricks for making their mood light and joyful.

Healthy relationship maintenance
You must maintain a very strong bonding with your near and dear ones so that no third party can take the advantage of spoiling your relationship. Try to trust your loved ones and give proper respect to their feelings and decisions. Try to fill up all the gaps of your relationship with plenty of love and trust. Your never ending efforts will only help them to understand your love and care for them. This self-realization is very much important for any relationship.

Essentiality of moment sharing
Try to spend most of the time of your life with your lovable dear ones in order to make them comfortable. This will also help you to know each other in a better way and will definitely help you to sort out all your personal problems.

About Author : Dr Khurana is the founder of THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE which is dedicated to provide people with skills for creating a positive and fulfilling life.

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family and couple counsellor delhi
Nuclear family as a concept started about a 3 decades ago. It was more of compulsion at the initial times. The husband had a job outside the home town and had to get the wife and kids along. The family lived as a nuclear unit intermittently uniting with the larger family.

Now with passing years, it is more of a choice now. Reason behind is the need for independence and autonomy in decision making.

It started with the separation of the male siblings after marriage. This separation was more of a   rescue from everyday family quarrels.

Eventually the concept of independent and ‘Zero Interference Couple Life’ was seen in the last decade.

There were a lot of advantages to the nuclear couples over the disadvantages :--


•    Autonomy
Living as a nuclear family unit comes with a very big advantage of capacity of taking autonomous decisions. The new couple might want to set up their home according to their own taste. Ranging from curtain to furniture. It also gets autonomy in the way life has to be conducted. Example is socializing, outings, guests, eating habits etc. This planning is more a part of the dream a woman weaves from her growing years. She fantasizes minute details of how her marriage home will be. Especially during the courtship days. For men, it is more like a add-on. Although some men do plan their new life, but mostly just fantasize about a new member coming in the same home.

•    Availability of Couple time
The nuclear family set up offers much more couple time as there are no daily rituals of larger family connection. Also since the larger family does not exist so there are lesser direct responsibilities to cater to. Hence there is a greater time available

•    Creative living
The new couple in a nuclear family also gets a chance to establish newer ways to conduct their lives. They get an opportunity to create their own rituals, customs and value systems in their family. They can creatively mix their respective family cultures and form a new refined culture.

•    Interdependency creates better bond 
Being interdependent brings a great deal of warmth and intimacy. When parents and larger family is not around, they have no other choice but to depend on each other to carry on everyday life chores.


•    Lesser logistical support
Unlike the joint family set-up the nuclear couple doesn’t have the other family members to support in basic household tasks like cooking, home maintenance, child care etc. Although everything can be managed by financial resources but there will be always a difference in personal warmth and the task. A family member would have the needed ownership which a paid resource may have.

•    Loss of culture and values
Every joint family system passes the heritage of family values which are practices since ages. And there are always some unique features in all the different family cultures. All such core features get lost somewhere when people opt for nuclear family set-up.

•    Comparative Loneliness
A couple in a nuclear family is seen as a separate isolated unit. More because todays times demand both couple to work for financial requirements. If either or both the couple are not having time and energy to mingle or go for family reunions, the couple slowly moves towards living a shell life.

•    No immediate support in rocky phases
Amongst core advantages of the joint family set-up is immediate support in moments of emergency. Also there certain times when either or both the couple might need emotional support which may be they are not able to provide to each other. Also if they are themselves going through a rough phase in the marriage, the larger family could have automatically sensed and intervened. Here in the nuclear set-up there is a very little possibility that they get a preventive intervention, unless the matter is really worse.

•    No access to life wisdom
While people are young they misperceive the views of elders as orthodox. Still a lot of views of elders are a summary of their personal life experiences. Being away from elders deprives the new couple from getting benefitted from such great pieces of wisdom.
Although all the above might to be true in all the cases. No two human, and lives can be alike. So any permutation is possible. So it is not a conformity that if the couple lives as a nuclear family, they will face the above advantages and disadvantages. There can be a mix of advantages of disadvantages in different cases.  

Having a right understanding is the key. Depending what is the critical requirement of a couple, a couple must decide on going for the option.

If a couple is well united and works on the principle of utmost trust and love, being in a joint family set up always can be beneficial. But sometimes even one of the partners is not having the bent of mind to live in the joint family. Here it is important to understand each other completely, giving full awareness and being completely transparent about self. This can make the couple do well in the joint family also. Majorly if the both the couple are able to establish autonomy in their respective families, there is least possibility of any suppression of interests.

Even incase the couple decides to live in the nuclear family, if right perception and right connection is made with the larger families, there can a better bond. Short and sweet reunions can be the best way to keep the family ties intact.

All the living species believe in group living only because it is always advantageous. Only difference humans must remember is follow realistically what works good for them and assertively and lovingly help elders to understand and support them. And work towards keeping the objectivity of love in mind.

This article written by Dr Kamal Khurana working in The Counselling Institute as Relationship & Family Counselor Expert.

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marriage and relationship counselor delhi
A healthy, consistent ongoing communication is what keeps a marriage or any relationship alive. Let us first begin with understanding what communication is. Communication means the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior. As clear from this definition, verbal communication is only a segment of the interactions we have with the external world. This means that even when spouses are not talking to each other, they are still communicating.

Good communication is vital for any marriage because it helps in building intimacy, lessens the frequency and intensity of conflicts, aids in healthy conflict resolutions and increases overall satisfaction of your relationship. It is the key for a satisfying and nurturing marriage as it helps people in knowing as well as understanding each other’s world.

While aiming to increase or improve communication between partners, it is an incomplete approach to work on only verbally expressed interactions. Here is what all you can keep in mind.

To become an effective communicator, the first step is building awareness. You need to start becoming more aware of your own feelings and triggers, as well as your partner’s. We all are unique and different. So, we like to express in a certain way. Some of us prefer to talk more, some others prefer to observe and listen more. Some feel the need to talk about everything that goes on in their lives and through this sharing, they feel close to their partners. On the other hand, there are people who are more comfortable keeping something to themselves, need time to think and then communicate. What kind of communicative personality are you? You need to be aware! Observe your interactions with others. It is important to recognize the non-verbal messages you yourself are transmitting. You can do the same while trying to understand your partner’s communication style. You can pay close attention to what your partner is conveying through his moods, attitudes, gestures, movements, and actions.

Another thing we need to remember is that more often than not, we give meaning to certain non verbal expressions of the other without accurately knowing what it meant. While sometimes what is being conveyed to us and what meaning we give it is the same, in certain situations it can differ. This can result in miscommunications and unnecessary escalation of a conflict beyond an intended level. Do not make any assumptions about the meaning of certain gestures or body language. Take a step back and observe the situation before reacting. An unusually quiet spouse might imply that something happened to him during the day at work, or he is just tired, or he is trying to let you know that he is upset at something you did or said. It is better to ask what is bothering him rather than assuming a reason and acting based on that. Most of these things just keep happening unconsciously so the only way to deal with them is by keeping a conscious check.

Next comes acknowledgment. Acknowledge the changes in mood, acknowledge the feelings and unsaid emotions that you slowly becomes aware of. Let your partner know that you are trying to be aware of what is going on in his inner world. At the very same time, acknowledge the differences in the communication style you and your partner might have. With passing time, couples tend to adopt a shared communication style which works for them. However, in the beginning one needs to keep making these efforts.

Another important thing is to remember that an effective communicator also should understand when not to communicate i.e. when to withhold certain expressions and gestures if the partner is not in a state to receive those. For example, continuously asking for a response when your partner needs some time to ‘cool off’ or ‘think about it on his own’, is more likely to irritate him, and frustrate you. In such situations, one does more damage than good. Be patient. It works!

Finally, one single thing to keep in mind is that if in your relationship, there is lack of communication and sharing, there can be no better time than NOW, to take initiative and open the channels of communication. For your relation. For yourself.

This article written by personal and relationships counselling expert Divya Baveja. Divya is a practicing psychologist and a consultant with TCI since 4 years. She has done her Masters in Psychology. Her interest areas are in the field of personal and relationships counseling.